Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Dual Personality

So I just changed the background on my gmail and I just found the visual representations of my alter-egos - It made me laugh so hard!

This is the conversation that goes on in my mind CONSTANTLY!:

"I don't want to do homework anymore! I'm hungry! I'm tired! I just want to play!"

"NOOO!!! You have to work! Get up off your lazy butt RIGHT NOW!!!! Not kidding!!!"

Monday, January 4, 2010

And Relax!

Yea! I made it through finals! That was such a relief. And I actually did pretty well for myself. Here's how the stats stand:
American Heritage: A
Advanced French Grammar: A-
French Choir: Pass
History 201: A-
Physical Science: A
Book of Mormon: A
(PS Just to ease my conscience, I'm not bragging; I'm just sayin'...)
Ironically enough, I am .01 short in my GPA for a continuing scholarship. I think I am going to try to resolve this. Hopefully Mme. Thompson is sympathetic to my plight. Anyway, off we go for another round!