Sunday, June 21, 2009

That was totally Wicked!

My family and Chelsea went to Lagoon on Friday. They have what they call a "Date Night Special" where you can get two tickets for the price of one with a coupon that you can get on their website or from those sheets of summer fun coupons that they always give you at the end of the school year. You have to go on either Friday or Saturday after 5 o'clock. We went last year too, but we only had five people, which was a mistake. We discovered from that experience that it is no fun to go with an odd number of people because you constantly have to decide who is going by themselves; no fun. So this time, instead of selling the extra ticket outside the gates, we invited Chelsea to go. Apparently, she's the only one in her family who likes to ride coasters and such. Thanks for coming Chelsea, it was so fun!

So when we got there, my mom (of all people) wanted to go on Wicked first. Any of you who have ridden it know that the very first element is a vertical climb followed by a sheer drop straight down! Can you see the apprehension on my face?

That ride was the best we went on all day - everything after that seemed really tame. I think waiting in line was almost worse than actually riding it; the suspense was killing me, just watching cart after cart go flying over that first drop into the corkscrew that follows...ugh! It was super fun though, and well worth the wait.

Sisters sharing an icee...precious!

I always love to see the ducks. They just wander around the grass areas, totally unconcerned by any passersby. Can't they read?

Look what we found on the walkway!

Gee, my parents always taught me that you don't put stuff in your mouth that you found on the ground! What I thought was so funny is that everyone took a piece, and then we put the package back on the ground where we found it. Hopefully some other family was able to have some fun with it as well. I found out that I am pretty much the worst bubble blower in my family. It was quite the ordeal to even get that picture. I prefer to blow them in my mouth, but that doesn't make for a nice picture. I didn't ever catch Chelsea with one. Every time she had one, it either popped really fast or else my camera had just gone to sleep from waiting! We did all that while waiting in line for the Samurai - for about 45 minutes. I'd highly recommend it; it's a long wait, but well worth it, especially if you have something with which to entertain yourself. We almost didn't get to ride Samurai because they started to have some technical difficulties bringing the people back down with the group right before us. Luckily we stayed in line. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be. Again, all that anticipation waiting in line watching it builds it up a lot. I was riding in the very inside, though, so I'm going to have to try it again on the outside.

This is a tradition for our family. Every trip to Lagoon, we end at the hat store and pick out hats. Check out this year's top picks!

We are going to bounce back either this week or next week. We've still got a lot more fun to have!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Backyard Wildlife

So we discovered this nest in our tree out back a few days ago. Turns out it's a hummingbird nest! I have always loved finding nests in our yard. We used to have swallows who liked to make their nests under our front eaves - right above our front window. When their eggs would hatch, we would watch the babies stick their heads out of the nest and sing their little hearts out for something to eat. So fun! Now it looks like we are going to be starting up a little hummingbird sanctuary.

There are even two little tiny hummingbird eggs in the nest. I'm excited to see them hatch. We're a little worried that the mother won't come back, we haven't seen her in a few days and so we don't know if the rain scared her off or what. Hopefully the eggs are still okay.

We even hung up a feeder.

Free food, free rent, doting aunts and uncles for the new arrivals...what more could a mother want?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I can see clearly now, the rain is...still here!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love rain. I just can't believe how long this weather has kept up! The only thing I wish is that it would just decide either to rain all day or not - none of this stop and start stuff. Oh well, we need the moisture. And one good thing about it is that it isn't hot. Yea! So bring on the rain!