Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Backyard Wildlife

So we discovered this nest in our tree out back a few days ago. Turns out it's a hummingbird nest! I have always loved finding nests in our yard. We used to have swallows who liked to make their nests under our front eaves - right above our front window. When their eggs would hatch, we would watch the babies stick their heads out of the nest and sing their little hearts out for something to eat. So fun! Now it looks like we are going to be starting up a little hummingbird sanctuary.

There are even two little tiny hummingbird eggs in the nest. I'm excited to see them hatch. We're a little worried that the mother won't come back, we haven't seen her in a few days and so we don't know if the rain scared her off or what. Hopefully the eggs are still okay.

We even hung up a feeder.

Free food, free rent, doting aunts and uncles for the new arrivals...what more could a mother want?

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