Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold Comment

One word: BBBBBRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now a few more. 0 degrees this morning...Seriously?! I don't know who's idea winter was, but I'm pretty sure I missed that meeting in heaven when we voted for it, because it definitely could not have been passed otherwise. How, you may ask, did I become so influential that my one vote could have swayed the decision? Believe me, I can make a stink when I want to, especially when a discussion of a lack of heat is involved. Many can attest, I do NOT function in frigid conditions!!

1 comment:

Bradley said...

Don't forget, I don't think we knew what cold was back then, so, I figure your vote probably went more like this: "What's cold? Sure I'll vote for it! In fact, I want to feel it all! Put me in Utah where all four seasons happen all year round!" :)