Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Founding of Snartoofle

Once upon a time there were two best friends named Nina and BreAnna. They did a lot of things together like impromptu dance parties in the living room, reading stories before bedtime, and battling for the coveted title of card game champion. One day they wanted to do something fun before Nina abandoned BreAnna to go play with her cousins so they set out to invent a new game. It was called Snartoofle. They even made up rules to it.

It is a game that involves two people, two tennis rackets and one medium-sized inflatable ball. It must be played on a semi-cloudy night (the more clouds the better) when the weather is brisk but not chilly, preferably with no wind. It is a fairly simple game, similar to badminton/tennis. The ball is hit between two people, but it must be hit in a crooked, badly aimed fashion 2/3 of the time. It can be hit through the air or across the lawn. Three points are awarded to anyone who stops the ball from going into the gutter and 500 points to anyone who happens to pet a stray or neighborhood cat who comes by (though that rule is currently being disputed by the co-founders). When the ball is no longer hit-able (which is decided solely by the players), the first player to shout at the top of their lungs "MY POINT!!" when the ball has come to a complete stop gets 1 point, but if they exclaim prematurely, they get -1000 points. The game is over when the players hands are too cold or their stomachs are too sore from laughing. (Tip: the game is more fun if you are at the point where you have drank [drinken? drunken? drunked? anyway...] enough water that when you laugh you are in slight danger of wetting yourself.)

After finishing this delightful game, the two best friends came inside and enjoyed a few last moments before her cousin whisked her away to Idaho Falls, separating the bosom friends whose hearts ached at the parting, even though it was temporary. They await their reunion with great anticipation. The End.


Kerrilyn said...

Wow, that sounds like quite the game. I am not sure I can keep all the rules straight!! And I would probably always be prematurely yelling 'My point' and loose the game.

Nina Lawson said...

Yes, we do wait for it with eager hearts and shining faces...NO POINTS FOR THE CAT!!! It was ugly and you only made up the rule because it liked you. Unfair basis for a rule.

Brad Southard said...

Heheheheheh...that's fun! Very specific! (And I believe it's "drunk"...) I love it! It almost sounds like a reverse Calvinball from Calvin and Hobbes! :D