Thursday, January 30, 2014

A little Magical Diversion

I've been listening to audio books as my study break - which happens while I drive from one place to another. I know, really boring. But ya gotta do whacha gotta do, especially if you're like me and planning of graduating in April! I can't believe I've almost achieved such a big milestone. Anyway, here are some thoughts from the last audio book I finished.

Midnight for Charlie Bone (The Children of the Red King, #1)Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Initial thoughts on completion:
This is a great little story. The characters are really easy to sympathize with and the plot is really exciting. There are so many mysteries and questions that you want to solve that you can't help but keep reading. It does have a feel of an introductory novel, with just enough excitement and answered questions to keep you interested, but it brings up more questions than it answers. Some of the problems faced by Charlie and his seeming inability to see the answer right in front of him are sometimes frustrating, as it seems very obvious to the reader, but I suppose that is to be expected with a fictional work written in 3rd person omniscient meant for younger audiences.

I really like the character of Fidelio! He is really well-suited to his musical family and his eagerness to befriend and help Charlie are wonderful. His fearlessness brings a great balance to the uncertainty of the younger children around him. I hope they bring more of his family into future books. It's a shame he isn't endowed, but I think his presence as well as Olivia's is really essential to bring the reader in and to help us "normal people" feel a place in the story.

Olivia's rescue of Emma was brilliant, though her mother's willingness to comply with her requests blindly is a little unbelievable. Her curiosity should come in handy, and I hope they use her to go exploring Bloor's in future books.

I would have liked more elaboration on the ruin scene and what exactly happened. I was also disappointed that they didn't spend more time redeeming Billy's character and friendship. His disloyalty is understandable, yet it was sad that he is soft of left as a fallen character. I would have liked a little more explanation of Aunt Venetia's cloak and some hint of the intention of the opposition mounted by the Yewbeam aunts and the Bloors. Finally, they needed to bring in Charlie's endowment a bit more towards the end, as he doesn't really play a role in the denouement; he is just helplessly rescued by those around him.

Favorite part:
I really enjoyed the bit where Emma escapes from the Bloors. Uncle Patton is also a favorite and though I wish he could control his endowment a little better, him putting his head up to help Julia is really heartwarming. And of course any part with the Flames is really exciting. I really like the fact that Aries and Charlie have such a bond.

Overall, it is an enjoyable diversion and a fairly quick read, so serves well as a study break.

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