Sunday, October 4, 2009

A perfect day for a marching band competition!

Last Saturday was the Nebo competition in Payson and it was so much fun! It was a gorgeous day, the sun shining with the perfect amount of breeze (though sometimes the breeze did smell a little of cows :)). My mom and I went to cheer them on and had a picnic in the process. Hurrah for free food!! Voilà the simple pleasures of a college student. :) For those of you new to the marching band world, there are several schools who come from around the state to compete, divided into several divisions based on size. AF is in 5A, along with Davis High and Mountain Crest High. There is a fierce rivalry between Davis and AF, with Mountain Crest hanging on their tails for the most part. Davis didn't end up showing up, so it was between AF and Mountain Crest. To give them credit, Mountain Crest has gotten way better since last year. We were a little worried when we saw their show that they were becoming a threat. But then AF started to march onto the field...

Ah, check out those straight lines! Who can compete with that?!! They are just so imposing; there are so many of them, all in perfect's amazing! As soon as they start to come out, one person will start to cheer and that's all it takes to get that crowd going. Everyone, all dressed in caveman red, stands up and just starts to cheer. I love the support everyone shows, that is part of the fun for me. Their show is called "The Greatest Generation" and they have all these references to World War II with war posters, music, formations, etc. The girl in the wheelchair in the corner is so sweet! Her name is Kelsie Smith and she has been made an honorary band member. She sits there holding the flag, just smiling so big, I love it! :)

It is so cool at the end; the band walks off and leaves the colorguard girls standing in perfect rows, columns, and diagonals like crosses, just like Arlington Cemetary. It is chilling.

So after all the schools perform, they have all the drum majors come out and then they announce the awards for all the divisions. When they came to the 5A awards, everyone is just on pins and needles.

"Outstanding musical performance...American Fork High School! *cheering*

Outstanding color guard...American Fork High School! *cheering!* (we were so proud of those girls, because that one has been a toss up in the past)

Outstanding visual performance...American Fork High School! *Cheering!*

Outstanding percussion...American Fork High School! *Cheering!!* (no shocker there, AF wins percussion every single time, for years in a row)

And First Place with a score of 929.42...AMERICAN FORK HIGH SCHOOL! *CHEERING!!!*

Needless to say, AF came out victorious and we were thrilled to death about it. :) Hopefully that trend will continue on Tuesday when they come to my town to compete at BYU! GO CAVEMEN!!

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