Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grandfather's Day

Ok, I know I'm kinda late with this post, and I know that it's usually Father's Day. This year at my house we had Grandfather's Day. It was fun to get everybody together to eat and visit.

For Father's Day, all us girls chipped in and bought the first piece of furniture for our basement - a monster sac! We had quite the time trying to get it in the house. That thing is heavy!

I didn't actually go with them to get it, but here's how it went. It was a dark and stormy day, rain pounding on rooftops and sidewalks. Mom, Samantha, and Tabitha went to the mall and found the store, which is so small, they don't actually have the sacs there. They were soon redirected to an address in South Provo - an unmarked warehouse-type building. They missed the illusive building and had to drive around the block to get to it again. They went in, and after trying several sizes with different filler materials and such, they ended up with a premium-fill eight footer that seats three people (or more, depending on how friendly you want to get) quite comfortably. They made the purchase. The one guy who was there said it would be about twenty minutes while they compressed it so it would fit in the car. Then he said to pick it up, to drive to the end of the street and turn right and they'd see a green van. So, the guy had her money and he locked the door after them...the plot thickens! They follow the bizarre directions and see nothing but a deserted lot, an old van and a man in a ski mask parked at the end, waiting to strike... ok, so I'm making that part up, but the whole thing could look very suspicious, nothing like an official operation. Anyway, it makes for a good story. :) We've really enjoyed having it, as we haven't had anything to sit on while we watch movies. I think everyone else has used it more than my dad, but that's ok. :)

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