Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lagoon - The Sequel

Last Wednesday we bounced back to Lagoon. It was a blast! It was pretty hot, as we went earlier in the day than last time, so we decided to start off the day by getting wet. Think we succeeded?

After that, we walked around the Pioneer Village looking at all the cool exhibits they have there. I would have liked to spend a little longer contemplating them, but we had work to do! I did find this extremely funny. So behave! :)

We rode Wicked again (such a thrill! I could do it forever!) and mom decided that she had had enough so, thanks to her, we've got some cool actions shots! Here we are on the way to the Spider. I hate to go down that first drop backwards and that's just what they made me do. Fun, fun!

Here we are on the Colossus - well, my nose anyway. We were in the front and my camera has a little bit of delay in the snap so they missed us, but that's ok. We decided that that ride is better in the back. Next time! :)

Last time the Cliffhanger was rockin' but this time was a bit of a let down. We had to go twice, because the first time we were in the second row and didn't get wet at all. The sequence of the ride was different too, and not nearly as fun. Bummer!

Yea Chelsea! I'm so glad you came with us, you're so fun!

The Tilt-a-Whirl. One of my favorite rides. It seems simple enough, but when you get it going, it is so fun. I always laugh so hard, especially when we get one that plasters you to the back of the seat. It really takes skill to ride this one. Luckily my dad used to work summers at Lagoon, so he's pro. Let the dizziness begin!

Last ride of the day - The Rocket! We definitely should have discovered this one earlier, we would have ridden it a few more times. Talk about anticipation!

Wahoo, I love Lagoon!

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