Saturday, July 18, 2009

Steel Days Parade

We went to the parade yesterday. For those who went, here it is again in still frame. :)

The clowns were awesome. They really went all out. I want to know where they got a tricycle that big! Juggling on stilts really takes talent. The kids in front of us really like him, especially trying to give him a high five. :)

Here's our good ol' marching band - what we really went to see. Go Cavemen!

This is my friend Jessica; I met her in Seminary and she is so fun! She's a dancer too, which is how we connected. I was really surprised at how many people I actually knew on the floats. I guess I'm more popular than I thought! :)

Here's some more familiar faces:


Uncle Sam and entourage

Shawna Garbe and Wee Care!

COSMO!! Go Cougars! (That's so weird that I'm going to be going there in a month!)

Now this guy is a real cowboy! On Family Feud a few weeks ago, the question was what does a 'real' cowboy have to have and the one thing they couldn't get was a horse, so that's the joke now. All the horses in the parade were really funny. Whenever they would stop, they would get really restless and start prancing around like "Come on, this is a parade! Let's go!"

More familiar faces:
Spongebob, Elmo, Pooh, Minnie, and Mickey

Godzilla! Or is it King Kong?

I love parades. I don't know why it's so entertaining to watch people walk by, but it is.


Bradley said...

WOOHOO! Wow, you are the popular one if you know all those people! That's really cool!

Anne Fannie said...

Hello BreAnna, I was so happy to read your blog tonight! Thank you for letting me know you have one. I also have one and you can read up on what we have going on too!
I loved seeing the pictures of you girls, you are all getting so grown up! Looks like you guys had fun a the parade!
Love, Grandma Ann